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Atomic 4 Marine Engine Arrivals
Arrived June 2017! This Atomic 4 model 5101 engine was removed from a local sailboat, running on two cylinders.  It will be torn down, and be parted out or rebuilt, depending on an a review of its condition.  
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“Running Takeout” Atomic 4! This “running takeout” Atomic 4 engine was brought to DYS to evaluate pre-purchase by its local seller and a Marina del Rey buyer.  It failed compression testing and was acquired by DYS for a rebuild, saving the prospective buyer from making a big mistake.  
Arrived February 2016! This batch of Atomic 4 parts was picked up by DYS from a Marina del Rey boater, who took the engine mostly apart, but decided not to put it back together.  It was previously an Atomic 4 model 5102 V-Drive engine.  It will be rebuilt by DYS.  
Arrived April 2016! This Atomic 4 model 5101 engine was picked up locally by DYS from a boater who installed a rebuilt engine to replace it, using some of this engines parts on the rebuild.  Since the block is failing around the studs, it will likely be parted out.