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Atomic 4 Marine Engine Sales
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Your Atomic 4 Repower could be next! If your Atomic 4 could use a rebuild in the next 6 to 12 months, we should begin talking about it now.  DYS offers Payment Plans to ease the purchase, and  has many rebuildable blocks available, in case yours is in really sad condition.  
Repower Project - San Pedro 30’ Custom! A leaking exhaust manifold resulted in engine failure.  The owner contracted DYS to assist with removal of the engine, re-manufacture another Atomic 4 block, and completion of the engine with all the necessary parts to replace his engine.  Colors selected are a striking Orange & Navy pairing.  Engine as installed.
Repower Project - Long Beach Tartan 30! DYS was contracted by the owner of a Tartan 30 in Long Beach to provide him a re-manufactured Atomic 4 sailboat engine.  His old engine was removed and the re-manufactured engine installed by DYS.  Maui Blue and Sand, colors of the South Pacific, were selected.  Engine shown as installed.  
Next Project - On the Bench Now! Currently being dis-assembled for remanufacture, this Atomic 4 was purchased by DYS as a “running takeout”.  It is available for contract now, or purchase  when completed.  Selected Colors are exciting ~ Sail Blue & Sunburst Yellow, like a Yacht Club Opening Day Pennant Flag.  
Repower Project - Long Beach CAT 30! This beautiful engine came to DYS, after it ate a piston and connecting rod.  The engine had been recently rebuilt by others, so it was dis-assembled and replacement parts + some new parts were installed, and then re-assembled and test run.