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Atomic 4 Marine Engine -- Video Links
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This Atomic 4 came to DYS - rebuilt by a private party, but not runnable.  It was completely torn down by DYS, and re-manufactured, then bench tested and installed. The Video shows it in the test wagon when complete, and running ~~ prior to installation.
This Atomic 4 came to DYS in barely running condition, for a full rebuild.  It was completely dis-assembled, cleaned, painted, and re-manufactured. The Video shows the completed engine in the wagon, while test running it, prior to delivering it to the owner.
This Atomic 4 was re-manufactured to replace the engine in a Tartan 30 sailboat.  It was bench tested and ran very nicely.  DYS removed the Tartan engine and installed this one in its place. The Video shows it prior to startup, with some suggestions for owners, and while running.
This Atomic 4 came to DYS running on only 3 cylinders. The #2 piston and rod had come loose during operation and were destroyed by the crankshaft and combustion. The engine was completely dis-assembled, damaged parts were replaced, and it was reassembled and test run. The Video shows it running and ready for installation.