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Palmer 60 Marine Engine Jabsco AL41 Water Pumps
Jabsco AL41 Water Pumps Early model Palmer M60 engines used an external Jabsco water pump with an extended shaft and mounting bracket for cooling water circulation.  The pump has been declared obsolete by Jabsco and replacement parts can be difficult to locate.  Mounting brackets are also succeptable to rusting out, and replacements are not available.  
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Jabsco AL41 Water Pumps The early water pump, with extended shaft is shown here.  The pump body is shallow, and the inlet and outlet are only ⅜” compared to the ½” used in later Sherwoods. Impellers are available even though the pump is obsolete.  
Jabsco AL41 Mounting Brackets The pump required a mounting bracket with an extension arm to support the pump “out in space”.  This is an excellent example of the bracket in like new condition.  Most have suffered from severe rust caused by leaking pumps and salt water.  Brackets are not available.