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Palmer 60 Marine Exhaust Manifolds      **** NEW ****
Now Available at DYS Warehouse!  Replacement Palmer 60 Manifolds, made of cast iron, and pre-machined to fit your engine.  No more rust out worries or trying to patch cracked old castings.  
Every manifold tested for leakage! All DYS manifolds have been pre-tested for internal water leakage.  Intake and exhaust ports have been machined for easy bolt up connections.  
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Clean-out and Inspection plates!  All DYS Manifolds come with two easily removeable clean-out / inspection ports in the bottom, with bolt on cover plates.
Left or Right End Exhaust!  All DYS Manifolds come with left or right end exhaust ports, a new exhaust flange and a cover plate for the other end.  Straight drives or V-Drives can easily be accomodated to meet your vessel’s exhaust requirements.