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Palmer M60 & P60 Marine Engine Sales
SOLD & Shipped to a Maryland Boater!  This Palmer 60 Engine & direct drive Transmission were remanufactured by DYS for an local client.  When his boat plans changed, the engine was sold by DYS and shipped to the east coast.  The cold grey color was accented with a bright blue flywheel and oil pan.  It will be installed into a restored motor launch.
Palmer 60 Parts, Service & Repair Palmer 60 Parts, Service & Repair Palmer 60 Engine Parts Palmer 60 Engine Parts Palmer 60 Exhaust Manifolds Palmer 60 Exhaust Manifolds
Rebuilt and almost ready!  This Palmer M60 Direct Drive was rebuilt and almost completed for a Great Lakes boater, but the purchase was cancelled.  It is now in the DYS shop where it will be completed soon, and available for sale and shipping.
SOLD & Delivered Locally!  This pre-sold Palmer 60 V-Drive engine was remanufactured for a Columbia 34, including a new DYS Exhaust Manifold.  Colors are Sunburst Yellow and Hunter Green.  It has been delivered by DYS, and looks beautiful in its freshly cleaned engine room.  
Palmer 60 Parts Drawings Palmer 60 Parts Drawings
Your Palmer 60 could be next!  This Palmer 60 engine is just finishing dis-assembly, and is on the bench now starting its rebuild.  Colors selected are Sunrise Red with Smoke Gray accents.  If you are interested, call David now, as most of David’s rebuilds get pre-sold, before they are finished!